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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sometimes I feel so late :)

Why oh why is Avi Buffalo not touring and making more perfect albums???

I've been listening to Remember Last Time since 2010 and it hasn't yet gotten old. What's In It For was a metaphor for my failed relationships and the holes I saw in new ones. And now that I finally got a copy of the whole album, the love for them is hitting me even harder.

I went to the library, which amazing has an extensive CD collection and picked up three albums from Arctic Monkeys. I never gave them the fair shot they deserved after a group of kids at my school covered Fake Tales of San Francisco causing me a negative eye twitch. But then years later I was sitting at my friend Judy's and she played A Certain Romance. The riff in that song made me believe that they were at least worth another try. How that goes, I will write when I've decided.

Above Avi Buffalo right now though is Fun. Aim and Ignite was a great album and I think I've known the words to At Least I'm Not As Sad As I Used To Be since 10th grade. On the reals though, they've out done themselves with Some Nights. It's their Viva La Vida. Every song is listenable and follows  general themes of missing one's mother, one's sister, wondering how adult life dragged them and whether the struggle to make a dream are worth one's innocence. My favorite line comes from Why Am I the One when Ruess states "My life's become as vapid as a night out in Los Angeles, and I just want to stay in bed...". It reminds me of all the things I've missed in taking on my new job. The repeated war references and cadence like drum beats throughout the cd hit home. I honestly haven't felt this connected to an album since Viva La Vida connected me to my last years in LA.

Some Nights has the "End Of The Drugs" effect that I'm going through, where you look at your life now that the shine has worn off and wonder just what the hell. I love it, because in my opinion that's the state of art right now. The shine of it all has worn off. Indie rock has gone the way of the 70 guitar gods. It's self indulgent and exhausting. Movies are just an endeless flow of recycled ideas. Fashion has not evolved in two years and not even a Lady Gaga spectacle can fix it. (I realize this is a rant now) We need to pull together and create something new, our generation needs something of our own. There's no scene, and that's sad. It's not just the arts either, it's the war, it's the economy, it's literature, it's all dead and only we can fix it... so yeah lol.

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