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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh Adventure

As I write I am listening to Infinite Arms by Band of Horses and I'm crying. It's such a good album, and they are so good live. I gotta see them live again, I also have to express some FOO FIGHTERS LOVE!!!!

I know, I know, it wasn't even a month ago I posted about loving Dave Grohl, but after seeing the Foos tear up that Weenie Roast webcast last night I'm smitten :) They crashed the party and played an hour long set including White Limo, Everlong, Best Of You, and a siiiiick version of Monkey Wrench. I watched it with my friend Isaiah over Facebook and got sucked back in time to my days riding the school bus with Stacey listening to DOA, No Way Back and My Hero.

The more I think about stuff like that the more I realize how much time has passed and how much we've all grown. I turned on the Revolver Golden Gods Awards yesterday and Dave was there, Lars Ulrich and Robert the new guy were there and it was like...weird. All the people I knew and rocked out with are gone, we all live in different cities and lead completely different lives now. When we do talk we say things "Man! We gotta hang some time!" or "Hey! Remember back when..." In our guts though, we know we have no intentions of getting together, and we hardly give a damn about our middle school nostalgia. The music is still there though, and I guess that's all that matters.

On a happier note I picked up the new Nylon Magazine ~MUSIC ISSUE~ and it does not disappoint! Florence Welch graces the cover in a Vivienne Westwood Gold Label cardigan that looks like it walked out the Viva La Vida tour dressing room, Quite BadA$$! They talk to Stevie Nicks, Sleigh Bells, and Smith Westerns. And my favorite part: Dani Stahl goes to Gibson Guitar and makes her own Les Paul in this month's edition of Factory Girl. Ummm...tell me why she has the coolest job on the planet, besides being Jimmy Page??? Shrug...

I was in LA this week and turned on KROQ to hear the new 311 song Sunset In July. It's amazing! Pure 311 goodness and a catchy riff. Needless to say I came home and have not stopped playing it. That trip and watching the Foo Fighters last night finally got me on the correct path to new music that I've been looking for!!!

Are you not blissfully in love right now?

I think it's time to go learn that riff :) Oh and I'm still in need of a new amp if anyone cares to donate.

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