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Sunday, May 29, 2011

For Boys Only

Heyyy!!! The last few posts have been really focused on Artists, whether local or retired, that have been surfing through my cell membrane like a virus. But what about Courtney??? How have I been lately? Well I'm glad you should ask. HahaHA!

As of right now there are exactly 63 days until I leave for boot camp and I am very excited! How excited? ...VERY excited XD. I feel like I'll be Storm from X-Men by the time my service is up lol. DO you see all the work those obstacle courses require???

I'm still sitting in my Laurel Canyon daydream and playing music and writing, writing a lot more. I think next post will feature a few of my latest poems, which seem to be all about boys. Boys I've met and boys I seem to have dated. ~Yes dated, even a bonafide Man Repeller such as myself goes out on dates sometimes.~ I've been looking back to find music from my past including Brandy, Tatiana Ali, Destiny's Child to keep up spirits since I have yet to come across a band on the music blogs the tickles my fancy.

Today has been nothing but Courtney Love and Hole and grunge. I'm in a very grungy mood. When you don't listen to Smells Like Teen Spirit for a few months it gets back all it's power and gets in your body again. And Malibu by Courtney Love and Jennifer's Body from Hole have been on repeat since I put the Gil Scott Heron cd's down yesterday evening.RIP.

She's sooo fucking cool!!! (I'm geeking out right now) I love Courtney Love, I love her words, I love her look, I love her speech/rants, I love her bad rep, and I love her need to flash people. LOVE IT. That brings me to this awesome riot grrl short from Director Tamra Davis (Half Baked, Billy Madison) called No Alternative Girls about safe sex, AID's prevention and having fun as a girl featuring a bunch of grunge goddesses like Kim Gordon and CLC.

...Pajamas LOL. While we're on the topic of sex, I'd like to say that it's pretty lame. Sex is the product of bordom and lack of cash. So if I happened to sleep with you on the regular for a few weeks and keep calling you back orrrr if on our first date I gave you a blowjob I want you to know that it's not because I actually liked you. It's because for the last six months I've been broke living in the Siberia of the desert so I don't have a better way to ease my frustrations. The best advice I've ever heard for girls was "Boys don't matter; have sex and have fun" Meaning you don't need a relationship to complete you and you also don't have to let sex hold so much weight. I live by this. We're not in a relationship, I'm not needy and I mostly just don't want to be in my house any more. GET OVER YOURSELF.

That being said (...) let's talk about CLOTHES!!!!

Chanel and Doc Martens (how original Court) have been all on the brain lately. What would Arwen wear if she was roaming Rivendell today??? Well this fucking Chanel pink cocktail dress!! DURRRR!

Okay, maybe it's just what I would wear if I were say... going to the grocery store or throwing a Listening Party at my house. (for some reason those are the only kinds of parties I want to throw). Isn't it lovely?  
Stella Tennant, who will be the topic of another post, is wearing it in the Chanel Ad in Vogue (Lady Gaga Cover) and It's just the perfect little girl's dream dress. ^_^ SO...MUCH...FRINGE!!!! Bless you Karl and kudos on that weird ass movie about the fairy!!! A Tale of A Fairy

Moving ON~ I don't even know if I really like clogs right now, but I do know that I want these shoes.


From me hardies at Doc Marten's I've never seen such a beautiful floral design I love em, I love em, I love em. And so I must acquire them. It's sport you know...


That's about all that's been new with me. I started reading War of The Worlds, and I like it so far. Oh yeah I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind for the first time and fell in love with the idea of love once more. Humanity needs these things so we don't swear off human affection and live as A-sexual hermits in mountains. I'm Serious! Boys and girls can be gross creatures but it's still better to love and give parts of one's self then live self righteously alone. The latter definitely makes more sense (you don't get lied to, hurt, disappointed, or pregnant) but true love can and does it exist. And you Too can find it.

That's yer update Ladies and Gents, now I'm off to make some Top Ramen and read about them Aliens. :)

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