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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Month New Outlook

I've been away for a few days and am happy to report that things are better than they were the last time I posted. After a really stressful and traumatic month of getting into arguments with boys, being without a camera and cash and fighting the law, it is finally MAY!!!! *Que the sunshine and applause!!!*

And today I picked up my first copies of Vogue and Nylon in like two or three months, how I've missed my babies so <3 Oh oh oh, before I forget lol, the new Urban Outfitters catalog came in the mail too!!! imhappyveryveryverycartwheelsstatushappy ^_^.

This morning I decided to give my life over to Salvatore Ferragamo flats and a Donney and Burke bag, so I'll now be trying to figure out ways to put myself through law school to afford them. I was in the bank and this cute old lady had the nicest white D&B bag I'd ever seen, it's commanded some much attention from its simplicity that I was in awe... the duck is twice as nice in person.

Walmart did a hiring spree and did not hire me... LOL maybe life wants something more of me, I hope it's not something less. I want to be more like Dave Grohl, I heard a double play of the Foo this morn, he's so seemingly fearless and creative without being an "artist" type ya kno? I love Dave Grohl... he's my hero. Rocking for the sake of rocking.
I'm really scatterbrained right now, but yeah all three of the new mags i got today are rad. Vogue has Reese Witherspoon on the cover and I liked her last article from when she was there so hopefully she hasn't become not Reese anymore. Annnnnd Rory Culkin and Julia Robert's spawn are on Nylon.... their outfits are cool but the Robert's women have the most unflattering noses... sorry.  The insides are nice too though, Vogue talks about architects, an old artist, and Natalia (bonus points) and Its the Young Hollywood Issue of Nylon so I'm smitten, there's few places I idealize more than the Chateau Marmont and Sunset Marque... life is good. Oh and the Urban Outfitters catalog is mucho mucho mucho much better then the last one, it has a beautiful story of young adults who look like they're as stressed as me in their day-to-day lives getting away to this isolated house on a hill in the sunshine to enjoy life like they did before life was so freaking hard lol. I can relate and am planning a secret surprise trip to said destination (Neverland) with my bestie Angela.

When I wake up in the morning I turn back into Courtney, the lawyer but for tonite Im gonna be just Courtney, the writer, guitar player, Dave Grohl worhipping, magazine reading, OCD, lover girl that Im so accustomed being. I love you all and here's to the start of a very positive MAY. Til Morning ~Courtney

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