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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Feeling Folkie

Hey hey hey!!! Last week I went through musical disillusionment. I hated everything in my iTunes library and knew it was time for change... ya know that feeling when your scrolling through your iPod and nothing gives you that chill when you think about listening to it? Well I do, so I went to work searching out new music. The result was an eclectic mix of folk-indie rock that I will share with you as well. :)

I was in Skylight Books in Silverlake when I first heard "Now That I Know" by Devendra Banhart.
It's such a beautiful melody that just keeps going and I love Devendra's voice on this. He's not over singing like in "I Feel Just Like A Child" or even "Little Yellow Spider" The words sounds so pure and full of pain. It gives me shivers every time I listen to it.

Then I went over to Fleetwood Mac for my new favorite Monday Morning. I'm ashamed to say I have someone just like this in my life. In love one day completely gone the next. This is the jam for reals, I didn't even know Fleetwood Mac got down like this until recently!!! They are the shit, and check out their fro's.

Style Rookie got me hooked on Joni Mitchell a few months ago and I've been flipping through her catalog since. If I ever have a band I'm gonna need it to be folk/jazz/rock and have some sort of flute player...and beautiful lyrics, and I'm gonna dress like Arwen from LOTR every time I go onstage. LOL Help Me Joni...help me

In fashion news my latest fantasy is Arwen meets Obi Wan in the hills of Laurel Canyon. I just want long flowing dresses and head pieces. So Complex Geometries is rocking my world and I keep getting flashes of the GTO's and the music video for Stillness Is The Move. The idea of woman being immortal to a man is beautiful and no couple pulls it off like Arwen and Aragorn from Lord of The Rings. Both the descendants of Beren and Luthien from The Silmarillion, Arwen is last of the immortal Elvin blood line and Aragorn the true King of Men come together and weave a story full of pain sacrifice and beautiful clothes. I always think of them when I'm in Hollywood Hills, because the scenery is so green and lush and there's a peaceful murmur that continues the entire time your there.

The Girls Together Outrageously are Frank Zappa's gathering of band-aids from Laurel Canyon that made music and made musicians happy with style. Once again they incorporate long dresses and headpieces into a look that screams illusion, as if you're never sure what these girls are capable of yet you're fully intrigued. I'm really into the idea of cloaks and large hoods, they make you look like you're gliding across water...enchanting. Yes my new look is "enchanting" I like it! :)

Lady Arwen

Complex Geometries Fulcrum Dress

Complex Geometries Dress

Han Cholo Earpiece

Goddess Headband
Snapped at Coachella

Screenshot of Dirty Projectors
Girl's Together Outrageously Laurel Canyon Royalty
I don't know why but this summer feels like a good time to dress like a mythological goddess, so ya know... watch out I might be hiding in your local trees whispering love poetry and weaving bracelets out of sunflowers... Don't be alarmed, I'm just in that kind of mood :) Stillness is the move, isn't it?

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