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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

While They Were Sleeping

This week was actually productive despite the fact that I spent most of it job-hunting lol. I caught up with Cameron Kilby from CamBam Land and we decided to make a song. As if some force of nature was in the works that day we met the most incredible guy on the bus ride to pick up a guitar. His name was Steve, but everyone called him SS...or SEDUCTIVE STEVE.

He was hot and young and blatant about his urges to cheat on his girlfriend with just about anything that had lady parts. Quite the charmer, it was still early afternoon and we picked him up drunk at the Yucca Valley Mental Health place and he proceeded to blab on about his conquests loudly as if anyone was listening or cared. I now am in love with Seductive Steve and I can't wait until we meet again so he can cheat on his girlfriend with me. ^_^ but until then here's the song we wrote about him.

It's up on Cam's myspace page Milo 'O Milo where he also keeps his other jams. Check it out and then go get a job!!!

Find more Milo O'Milo songs at Myspace Music

Love and Toodles
~Courtney Faith Noodles~

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  1. I really need to meet Seductive Steve again, but this time I will take notes and learn from the master that is him. ;)
    The trick is - You gotta get the girls to make out with you!