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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What a day what a day


I've been sick since yesterday and curled up in the bed wondering why I'm so bored with my iPod. The answer... because I really need to update my music collection... like badly. It's almost sad to say, but I'm tired of listening to Metallica and Jimi Hendrix and I don't know why I'm allotting them precious GB space. But no longer!!!!! LOL today in between medicine and sleep I will update and reorder my music collection for the better, starting with buying back Daniel by Bat For Lashes and moving onto The Carpenters... yeah, you heard me. Oh and some new FOO FIGHTERS!!!!

They always bring me happiness. You Go Dave Grohl! He's really one of the coolest rock stars, he just let's loose and isn't trying to be anything but a dude that rocks... it quite works for him.

Oh and here's the second jam from The Wet Years Called Hollandaise!

Mhmm... not too bad eh?

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