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Friday, April 22, 2011

Courtney's Got A Boyfriend

So last night I had the craziest dream, I was sitting in a huge auditorium with like everyone, and I do mean everyone I had ever met and we were waiting for a school assembly to begin. It was remniscant of the assemblies I went to when I was at SOCES where you quickly found a seat then scanned the whole amphatheatre to figure out where each and every one of your friends were so you then begin making eye contact with them while laughing at everything else.... I digress, the main point was that I looked to my left and standing in a doorway was this fat dude wearing nothing but leather chaps with his bu hanging out. I was completely mortified and laughing through the whole dream, and I quickly began alerting all of my friend of his prescence. He just kept appearing and like none of the "adults" were doing anthing about it and I just kept on laughing.

"Why such strange dreams..." you say lol, but no, I;m pretty sure the dude was just a mental reincarnation of this disgusting chick I saw at Wal*Mart this week with half her ass hanging out of her jeans pushing a kid. Call me mean but I always wonder how you can be so disgusting and still get someone to love you. Brave New World I guess, hahahahaha....*sigh. But anywayyyzzzz I couldn't get this amazing vision of the dde out of my head so I decided to draw him for you all to love and if anyone tells me he was in their dream to...I'll believe them and know that we are all indeed soul mates.
Oh Courtney, how could you be so disgusting!!!
For the record, no I am not making this up and yes, the boots did connect, the only thing fabricated in this drawing was the executioners mask...I didn't feel like drawing his greasy hair. But there he is, the fat dude from my dreams hahaha mah nu man <3

In the same breath... AGGY IS BACKKKKK!!!!!! That's right, Agyness Deyn is back in Vogue this month in the UK. She did a shoot for Hedi Slimane for Vogue China's March 2011 issue and it was amazing and now she's back in British Vogue as well! I really want them to give her the American Cover soon, I missed her so much. According to Vogue she's now 18 months single and running a new online magazine which is why she's awesome.

These are the pics from the UK shoot by Tim Walker called "White Mischief".  And here are the Hedi Slimane ones from Vogue China.

I love these shoots, and I'm so happy she's back, check out those earrings too. XD But anywho's I'm off to do random shit and wait for the phone to ring. Catch you all later :)


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