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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Compensation for a day spent job hunting!!!

Hello Friends and New Readers!!!

It's been almost a week since my last post and so farrrrr all I've done is JOB HUNT lol. A girl's gotta support herself right??? I've been looking high and low for jobs and writing my name and address over and over and over on application after application---- YAWN!

But HUH magazine gives me a reason to chill out and relax! The Beastie Boys are releasing a new album!!! Yesh, THEE BEASTIE BOYS are indeed releasing a new album entitled Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 and I for one am quite excited. According to Wikipedia the album was originally titled Hot Sauce Committee Part 1 but release was delayed becuase of Adam Yauch "MCA" being diagnosed with cancer in 2009.  Luckily that is over and he's back making the records we love with Mike D and DJ Adrock XD.

The new single is called Make Some Noise and I like it. Ya know why??? I'll give you a hint...(there's no techno) Oh! Did you say "there's no techno"??? Read my freaking mind!!! I don't know about you all but I am so goddamn happy to hear a rap song without a gay club beat underneath it. Hopefully the rest of the album won't contain any "electronic surprises" and I will be able to love and cherish the album like I did with "To The 5 Boroughs"

Here's Make Some Noise

Have a Great Day
Courtney <3

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