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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Day Another Waffle Sundae,

Thinking only of you,

While splish-splashing on YouTube in search of good examples of Girl's "Summertime" (I can't help myself) I came across this video of Brooklyn based rockers Amazing Baby from Fader TV. I had first encountered Amazing Baby through the Nylon Summer playlist and was sold on their song "Headdress".

This video is a total throwback to when Robert Plant and Peter Grant were interviewed on the water as well. It's funny how we all really want to relive these moments and do cool shit like this. Kudos to Fader TV and extreme Kudos to Amazing Baby for delivering tunes worthy to be hosted on a boat.
Here's a link to it since embedding has been disabled... (wtf) but I think you'll right away get the connection .Led Zeppelin On A Boat  

But back to Amazing Baby, they are the music you hear when you look at a Juicy Couture ad. Like being thrust into a hippie fantasy where you and all your friends are sitting at a tea party wearing mounds of clothes and speaking in depth about musical paradoxes... yup that good.

My dream is to gather all my friends and loved ones and have a back yard celebration where the White Stripes are on replay and we're all dressed as described above sipping mint tea and trapping small animals for their fur. And then Amazing Baby and Courtney Love would show up ... and then my alarm would go off and reality would set in lol--- check these guys out and think of me whenever you hear the words waffle sundae.

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