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Thursday, April 28, 2011


It might be pretty obvious to you readers that I have a Vogue fetish. Aside from Nylon, Vogue is my go to for nostaligia, fashion, and lately art. One of my favorite artists to come out of my Vogue readings is Roberto Cuoghi. Italian, Cuoghi has got to have one the most interesting stories I've ever heard:

"He spent several years "becoming his father"- he gained weight,
wore his father's clothes, grew a beard, dyed his hair gray,
and lived the same life his father was living. Cuoghi and his girlfriend
now avoid quotidian distractions by living, in Milan,
on Microneasean time, staying up all night
and sleeping during the day."
~Vogue Feb 2010

Are you Intrigued? His art is sometimes dark and portrays human's feeling--- which is why it hooked me. He does paintings, reliefs, sculpture, drawing, and even music. He's the meaning of eccentric. There are religious undertones and things make you think about gargoyles and warlocks and I love it. Cuoghi is actually inspiring me to learn art terms just so I can talk about his stuff with more intelligent words than "rad'" lol. But enough talk, here's some of his work!!!

Right now he's on exhibition at the Hammer Museum in LA til May 15th, if you get the chance you should check him out, I hope I get to :)

Maybe I'll come out a little crazier. But onto Wengetchi Mutu, a Keyan born artist working out of New York that wears the coolest clothes and has some really cool art. 

What I really like is that she portrays this woman who's being attacked by serpents in what appears to be a violent way, yet there is something sexual about it, it's almost as though the woman is welcoming this pain. (I'll laugh if I'm totally wrong, but that's what I get from it)

All this art!!! Maybe I should pick up a paint brush or something!!! ----> Steadfast to the creative corner!!!

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