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Monday, March 21, 2011


So in leu of my obvious disappearance from the bloggisphere i bring you.....drum roll please.... da daadaad dadadad da DAH!: Me.... yeah pretty anti climatic right?

but seriously to anyone who reads this blog I bring you me. Courtney Niles, future soldier and musical histoian.... whuuuuhhhh did  you say soldier??? WHy yes, yes I did because I in fact have joined the military and will be leaving the high desert in August to learn the ways of the interior electrician.

WHy you ask? Because I believe we should all have a defining moment in our lives and live an amazing adventure at least once before we fork over our souls to the regualar joe's working world? Plus without a college education in my pocket (yet) the only jobs down my alley are at Applebees on Highway 62, McDonalds on Hwy 62, or Otherunnecessaryfoodjoint on Hwy 62. And i've never been that great at not burning dinner lol. So I delve into humanitarian relief oversees and in my own backyard through the army :)

Other than tatttt I've discovered Edward Sharpe and theMagnetic Zeros, fell back in love with my poncho and found that I might actually be a drummer at heart. Oh and the desert storms have come and been amazing beautiful. How beautiful??? AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL. wanna check out some pics? oh alrighty here they go:

annnnnd I've decided that I hate skinny jeans with the passion of the sun. Everyone owns a pair, kinda like when your little AP geek cousin wanted to listen to your Metallica Black Album orrr when La Roux's Bulletproof started playing on the CMC radio staiton... lame!!!

SO I am now the high desert's number one endorser of bell bottoms, boot cut and flare jeans. They are so much more flattering to the every-day-girl's figure then the forementioned skinny's. And the Jackson 5 wore them. Believe me, that counts for something ;)

Here's an example off somebody's polyvore (not mine, not taking credit) that shows you how to rock your flared pants in the likes of Miss Penny Lane from CameronCrowes epic Almost Famous. Notice you must be cool enough to know who Black Sabbath is to rock this idea.

Then there is Dolce and Gabbana who put out thi awesome collection of perfect paisleys and bell bottoms galore. To be honest this collect revolutionized my rocknroll sensibilities. It was the final nail in the coffin of modern rock... because modern rock and ska suck... in my opinion and bands like Cream and Jethro Tull who WEAR bellbottoms...don't HA!

But anyway enough for now, It's time to go back to bed and dream of wild horses and Courtney Love.

Next time (which I promise won't be 4 months from now) I'll show you mine ;) TOODLES

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