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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thinking.... and thinking... and apologizing

Hello whoever is reading,

I've been self-destructive in the last two weeks in many many many more ways than one. I delved into the lows of teenage wasteland and did not come out on top. It's sad but it happens and I think I just might be ready to move on and regain my poise as a functioning member of society... I think. I guess the main idea here is that it is fun to be bad.

Look at them, being bad... they're having fun and enjoying their weekends instead of sitting in front of their computers (it was the 80's but w/e) writing and reading and loving their families which after so long gets LAMESAUCE!!!

But I digress. They are thrash musicians... I am not.

I, however am a person who desperately needed to feel what it was like to not be in her comfort zone in order to regain the strength to be in her own skin. I love me more now. I love my ideas, my values, my decisions, and for the first time in a long time my looks. I also love the people in my life, even the ones it seems I've betrayed through my words. I'm sorry I feel bad and I cherish you all, stick with me and it won't happen again. Scout's honor ^_^


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