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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bellbottoms and a 70's Rehash!!!!

Anyone who reads this blog and knows me (and or read the last two posts) knows I'm having a bellbottom phase in life, they're blowing my mind and giving me a massive lady bowner (thanks manrepeller.com). I like almost every other style conscious teenager I know have been doing this skinny jean thing, because they are awesome. I mean hair metal guys and punks wear skinny jeans and they are quite flattering. But!!!! Classis amazing bands like Cream, The Beatles, and Zeppelin made their mark on the fashion world (fashion and music go hand in hand.... fucking deal with it) with bellbottoms. They're flattering in elongating the legs and giving the illusion of a flowing and in some cases perfectly curvy bottom half. They look great with sneakers, heels, obnoxiously amazing platforms and flip flops. They can be bummy, casual, or classy and you have so much room to add your own thing. And dudes in bands wearing them are hottt!

Here are my all time heroes Led Zeppelin standing in their bells. Jimmy's were custom made and the others tailored. I'm not gonna go on a Jimmy Page fashion rant but umm... do you see how good he always look??? (future post material?)  

For some reason on guys bell bottom always seem the exccentuate a certain area (Spinal Tap reference) to make girls believe in pickles. LOL

But here are some other picks that I found on the web and am not taking any credit for of cool people wearing cool pants
It takes an awesome dude to wear green stared bells and JSA salutes you!

Massive bellbottom wearers all, these guys represented 70's cool with their unabashed use of vivid colors, mixed prints, and flattering cuts. Check out that heart belt!
and for some reason it's cooler if you have a whole lotta print on a whole lot material than on skinny jeans in my opinion. God I miss Michael, but my loyalty is to Marlon's pants, they're Mexican blanket print for crying out loud! I would be honored to learn about the history of them and put them on right now if I could! Bellbottom heart attack!!!
George Harrison and Patti Boyd looking stylish yet casual. These aren't full bellbottoms, more of a flare, bootcut, but notice how the flare at the bottom brings life to a simple T-shirt and jacket and how underplayed they allow their boots to be.

I found these bad boys through google, they remind me of a pair I saw in the Joshua Tree Outfitters (ah thank you) store on Hwy 62. They also remind me of...

Lady Janis Joplin!!! Rocking her purple bells on top of the shweetest paint job ever!!! 
Eat your heart out Hot Wheels!!! 
I'm in love with the fur and the trapper hat, it reminds me of the now retired Tanuki Kitsune (refer to earlier post) :( 

And for the last of my 70's stars in bellbottoms collection I rep Jethro Tull, even though in this pic only the dude in the Penny Lane coat behind Ian is wearing them... I think you get the idear. 
I love 70's music, 70's style and I can't wait to see my 70's... best believe I'll be wearing bellbottoms.

But bellbottoms are not just a retro fad for those who seek the status of "the kid who doesn't like pizza" NO! Bellbottoms have been adopted into the closets of many a modern day style icon. Rachael Zoe for example and Katie Holmes. They prove that you don't even have to be "hippy" to have "flare" see what I did there?
This Rachael Look is actually quite reminiscent of Janis isn't it? Yet it could go from concert to workplace without a blink. Much like these looks from Emilio Pucci's 2011 collection.

They just make your legs look so much slimmer, with or without the heels

After having this epiphany I decided to go ahead and start my own collection of the lovely pants. At Richochet in Joshua Tree I found these babies
They're floral print, I was trying to channel my inner John Bonham that day... you know, the iconic pic?

heh heh heh...

oh and then I got a few pairs that shlook like this:
These are by Hydraulic, my next favorite Jean Co next to Paris Blues, for cheap quality jeans.

These are [Blank] jeans from Urban Outfitters (yay Judy!)  I fell instantly in love with the green and dubbed them my unofficial Jimmy Page pants.

And these are my pride and joy babies. American Flag print spanks from Dolce and Gabbana. After seeing them hang on the rack at Cabazon for almost a year I finally got to bring them home. 
~Think the moment Lisa got to take Courdoroy home from the mall~ 
I had them altered to fit my shortness and now we are as inseperable as bread and butter.

Now that I've expressed my love I hope I've inspired at least one of you kind readers to pick up a pair yourself. Call me up and we'll go play at the park in them together... or eat ice cream.... or travel to a far away place while listening to the Jackson 5.

Never Can Say Goodbye <3

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