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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

College within the Community

Since my first day of school I have been trained to believe that one slaves over homework and gets good grades, graduates high school, then takes the big leap: College! Me and my peers studied hard, took extra classes, AP classes, went out for sports, participated in theatre and did all of the things that we were told would make us "well rounded" enough to attend the college of our dreams. Did it work? Yes Was it worth it? Some would say... as most of my peers are now in their new dormatories slaving away at more homework and I got into The New School (hipsterville) with a fat scholarship. But, is it the only way to go in 2010 when we're in a recession and outsourcing runs the corporate world and bees are going extinct??? 

The answer to that is sadly yes. After long debates, flip-flopping, and facebook networking I decided to give up my spot at The New School to attend film school at LACC. What I found was hoards of adults, working class people enrolling and trying to get degrees, and hardly any first time freshmen. This was mind blowing because I thought that college was for young people full of dreams, not reality's bitches. I soon found out that I was one of the youngest people in my program and that the average student was about 35. Yeah I said 35! Wake up call for real, at least for me. 

They're all here because they needed new skills or a degree to keep or advance in their jobs. Technology has changed and so has life in America and these adults needed to catch up before they were thrown out.  I thought I was behind, because I was starting in community college instead of taking out a loan for university but I found out that by doing any school at 18 I was actually ahead of the game,, yeesh!

For the first day I wore a military style dress from forever 21, Aldo purse and Doc Marten boots, I also spilled a bottle of water in my purse killing my ipod and phone in one day. Love my luck!

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