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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just thinking the world is so round :)

The Child in The Dark by Courtney Niles

In my bedroom is where the moose head hangs
The moose I didn't shoot
A wasted life
Shot for the sanctity of art

In my closet are the festival boots
The polaroids came out great
$345 for a ticket
While a child sits with no food in the dark

Is the pursuit of me greater than the pursuit of you
Is there anyone I can save
Is there anything I can do
If I didn't buy the tickets the festival would stop
Th hunter shot the moose to feed his child

So was I wrong?
Money wasted, but I put food in someone's mouth
I fueled another day in the creative world...
But I still feel so sad
And wonder what the cild in the dark would have done
Had the money been in his hand

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