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Thursday, July 15, 2010

My month in words

Well here I am... back again wondering just what in the hell is going on in my life and the world. Apparently both are falling apart more and more as we speak.

So far I've registered for college, purchased both a macbook and a nikon and found a random appreciation for the desert. It's been interesting.

I found out that I didn't actually have that bad of a crush on a certain boy and moved on to another. I bought a sweet Jimmy Page shirt and picked up some new Doc's along the way. After opening my bank account I've gone into overdraft about 3 times causing some major fee's to incur. Hahahaha incur is a funny word... Anywho, the downsides to life have been few, except for when my paycheck mysteriously disappeared...

But actually the downside of everything lately is the fact that I've lost my inspiration to do things. Art and Fashion has all gone out the window in the pursuit of a career, which by definition is the pursuit of getting paid to do what you love. One day I'm a screenwriter, the next day I'm a musician, the day after I'm a band manager. It's all too complicated, especially because none of these professions make money if you only pursue them half ass. SOme might say I need to slow down and just live life, but the fact is: I'm 18 and about to start college... the time is now.

And literally my head has been just spinning for days and days while I imagine all the things I could do in a day's time. Honestly I wish I could go sit down with Mick Jagger (he does a lot of stuff in one day) and ask him just how in the hell do you do it all.  The only saving grace that I have right now is my project with Troy, but other than that I'm just a nervous unfulfilled wreck waiting to become someone who may or may not exist and it's stressful!

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