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Monday, April 9, 2012


                                                                    And there it is

Hello JSA. After a long stint debating whether or not I would end up in New York or my beloved Los Angeles after high school I joined the Army and ended up in Washington State living 40 min from Seattle! Talk about getting what you least expect when you least expect it. :) Since getting here I have had some awesome experiences and heard a lot of music.

First of all I saw Sleigh Bells live on Feb 24th when they played the Showbox at the Market with the Black Bananas. Nothing has ever been so amazing in my life seeing as it was my first concert.  I crowd surfed Infinity Guitars and Crown On The Ground and got to hold Alexis's hand while she sang. ~~~Concert Wet Dream Complete~~~ I think yes!

I also picked a copy of Reign of Terror on vinyl and at first I did not like it. It's slow and rings like a continuation of Rachel from their first album Treats. The songs are more repetitive and the abstract ideas are few. After many listens the songs have been accepted and I can listen with interest, but overall it's a slight digression in my opinion. Demons= Take It Down. Rill Rill = Have A Heart. For all the creative genius and potential exhibited on Treats you would think finding a new melodic line for Reign Of Terror would be easy. Songs like Born To Lose and Comeback Kid are a logical progression for the band but the rest could easily have been cutting room floor tracks from Treats...

The Black Bananas formerly RTX fronted by the astounding Jennifer Herrema were the opening act for Sleigh Bells that lovely night and they changed my world a little. First of all they came on unannounced looking like Sleigh Bell's drugged out roadie crew. No introduction just about 6 minutes of awkward sounds checking and launched into their set. If you've heard any of their music then you know it sounds like a teenage jam band in a Topanga Canyon basement. The crowd had no idea wtf was happening and didn't really figure it out until the end of their set. There was a lot of talking and booing but I'll tell you what, I was in love. Herrema moved with the grace of a Fear and Loathing Depp around the stage, her head down, her words a low murmur over a most funked out guitar and effects section. She wore a Sleigh Bells hoodie with signature ripped jeans, fox tail, and fur collared jacket. Every song in my ears was a hit, so I bought rushed to pick up two of their cd's after the show. Now I am a proud owner of Rad Times Express and Rad Times Express IV, both of which do the band consistent justice.

What shows will come my way next I do not know, but sadly it won't be Girls at Pappy and Harriet's on April 19th. "Somone" <-- will be still stuck in Washington when the most intimate of amazing concerts happens in my old desert since the Cold War Kids and Vampire Weekend!!! But I digress, eventually Courtney and Girls will be together in one room and it will be fantastical... Like their new cd Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!~which is what summer dreams are made of. I remember the first time I heard Lust For Life and wanted to marry the song. The images Owens paints with his words, the longing for a better more love filled reality felt (corny I know) like they were being pulled from the pages of my most inner diary and I never thought music could be in a more current and perfect state. Alex... is the next chapter. I know everyone is all gaga for Vomit and Honey Bunny, but Alex in my opinion is the next chapter to Lust and Summertime. It's like he finally found love, but the honeymoon phase is over and even though the feelings remain, the romance is slightly jaded. Almost , reminiscent of America's "Work To Do".
Sorry to ramble but I wonder if Father, Son, and Holy Ghost! is a stream of consciousness take on the band's current successes. Coming off the major waves of success and acceptance given for Album. FSHG! sound's like an new adult at the end of their last teenage drug binge getting ready to walk out and face the world as a functioning member for the first time. The light hitting their face and them twitching up their nose in the realization of why their parent's are the way they are.

That's probably thinking too much into though. 
So let's just look at Hedi Slimane's photos of Chris Owens from his MOCA exhibit Hedi Slimane: California Song which showed this January.

I'm in love, are you in love?

Next up on my rant log:

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