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Saturday, April 2, 2011

If Life WASN'T So Hectic (I know, even in Landers)

Hello friends,

If you are currently here it means you are reading this blog and that just brings a tingly sensation to my soul. :) I spent all of today in my room, finding music, making music, and fueling my facebook addiction. Maybe I should have created that instead of this blog... oh well win some lose some yeah?

It is indeed my birthday, which makes me feel vain and self centered beyond belief. And unfortunately I've lost my D&G pants to a mysterious fire... not a good day in any sense. But what I did do was put all that behind me and picked up my guitar to revisit my songbook.

It's kind of been a long time since I played any of them and I even penned two more, so I guess today was semi-productive... maybe in 5 years they'll actually be recorded or played (I gotta get through this military stint first). If I get the chance maybe I'll put one through Garage Band and let my "producer hands" go to work! ....was that a nuclear bomb I just heard? Oh, no it was the sound of you all cringing in fear at the same time. LOL

*Reminder: If you can't laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at. I personally like to laugh at everyone, so I continuously cut myself as well.* If you bear with me this post will eventually have a point. Urmm Starting NOW!!!!!


A hella chill band from San Diego CA with my new current day dream jam... it's a companion to Girl's Summertime.

And in case you needed reminding

It's just one of those lazy days, yesterday reminded us all of what desert heat truly means and today was the perfect summer overcast.

2. If you recognize the screenshot above you will know that I finally sat through Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, WHAT A TRIP! (...see what i did there?) I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! Which probably doesn't make any different then all the other hipstercatcherintheryeunderage25withnosenseofmoralresponsibility having people out there™ But I loved it none the less. Fun, America, and the proper use of words and backasswards logic get me every time. Not to mention people turning into lizards and the hilarity of trying to rid oneself of Christina Rici. I don't know why but despite everything you connect with Raoul Duke.... I didn't connect with Gonzo, but I sure as hell was scared of him. lol Who knows what the plot was, but I'll probably be watching it again.

3. I need a saxiphone to give to my bud Daniel Woods so he can get off facebook and go back to playing music with Spankshaft or on his own. I love Daniel and he needs that instrument to not be creepy so hook a brutha up!!! If you have a lead on a sax feel free to email me @ sweedishmeatballs16@yahoo.com MUCH APPRECIATED!!! I don't know what kind he plays (here's hoping it's an alto!) but please keep him in mind when you're at Sam Ash or the skeevy pawn shops
This concludes today's post, until next time listen to these bands:
Avi Buffalo
Andrew Bird
Amazing Baby
The Clientelle
Jenny and Johnny
and Last Dinosaurs

Peace and a bottle of Chicken Grease

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