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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Troy, why'd you give me a disease???

Christmas came, Christmas went.... I wrote this song. It's about Bang the Marc Jacobs cologne that blew my mind. I don't think that I've ever smelled anything- 19 years on the planet- that has turned my nervous system to mush like this stuff. When you spray it it's like the manliest man ever walked into the room, picked you up, slammed you on his bed, and *********** you til morning. I kid you not, Marc Jacobs found the female viagra and is now selling it at a retailer near you.

Why is Troy mentioned? Because not only does he own a bottle of Bang and allow me to take whiffs of it when we hang out, he also taught me how to use Garage Band, so direct your comments on this song to him :)

Enjoy lol

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  1. I must say... I was thoroughly entertained by your little jam.. You should do jingles for commercials lol.