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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Confidence Boost Much

I know this will be the second post of the day and you're all so exhausted from watching A Lot Like Love and deciding to visit all the spots in LA they went to and are now on the phone with that special person in your life letting them know that as you speak you're loading your car with gas and a Chicago mix tape so that you can pick them up and drive into Joshua Tree for a night of the closest romance you've ever felt. But da homie Troy dizzle bizzle Conway just brought this to my attention.

This is all you'll ever need to know about me. Style is an expression of self, just like art , photography, and blessed music. It's selfish and highly emotional. It was really good to see this video because I am human... and sometimes it gets weird walking outside knowing you're the only one doing what you're doing with clothes. These ladies get it. When I put on clothes it's not to peacock (Ned from 17 Again <3). 

It's to just be me, regular old school loving daily life doing me. And it never has been and never will be about the designer or the price of the outfit, it's just about how it makes me feel. So I salute NOWNESS.com and these lovely ladies on putting a foot in the mouth of people who try and put you down when they can't explain your style.

Confidence is loving yourself unconditionally for all your wonders and faults and crazy chicken hat fantasies. It's also having the ability to love others for theirs psychoness too. Now don't sit here pondering this too hard, you've got a love drive to the desert to complete!!!

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