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Friday, October 8, 2010

Nordstrom Beauty Bash

A new Nordstrom opened in the beautiful newly renovated Santa Monica Place Mall. In celebration Nordstrom hosted a Beauty Bash on August 27th from 8am-10am.

I got up at 4 in the morning to get to Santa Monica and get in line to guarantee myself a goody bag and access to all the perks of the event. I was not disappointed.

When my mom and I got there we received thick tote bags, samples of lip plumper, free Pinkberry and coffee and a perky dj.

Hoards of women stood outside the store happy to share their love of shopping and leaving their sons and husbands at home. It was a morning for us, the girls in America who loved fashion, make-up and fragrances; spending money whether we had it or not.

At 8am we were allowed to have our make-up done free by any booth we could get to. I went to Chanel and MAC. They did make-up, made consultation appointments and allowed you to put make-up on reserve for when the store opened at 11. By 9:30 everyone looked like drag queens, but we were happy. While all this went on the dj gave away fragrances, train cases, and make-up at random. There was a massage table and lotions and powders to try as well... we were taken care of.

 Suddenly everyone began lining up in front of the store. The lights came on inside and all the workers came to the front. They got together and did a warm-up chant wishing the store and their new jobs vitality and health. Then a woman with a bell walked out the chant and began ringing it furiously. From the outside we clapped and cheered until the doors opened and the staff clapped for us while we walked in. Real celebrity treatment stuff. Shoe salesmen did cartwheels and ran around the store doing musical numbers (not quite but ya know) The shopping day was on. 

With my trusty camera I went on the hunt for the $10,000 dollar crystal boots they boasted on the news. When I found them my plan was to try them on, but they were custom order only, and the display side was a size 7 (damn my big feet) so I just took this picture with them

Then I went on a hunt for perfect over the knee boots. Report Signature seemed to do the trick, but for money I didn't have, so my sales girl brought me out some Jessica Simpson ones, that sucked, to say the least.  
But then my lovely, wonderful, magnificent, stupendous salesgirl brought me out Greta, the shoe of my dreams from the Vera Wang Lavender label. It was love at first sight. I just needed someone to pay for them hahaha. 
Then event ended with my mom buying some Chanel cosmetics and me letting Greta go back to her shelf for safe keeping until I could come back. I had a blast, and the new Nordstrom is now open fully for business, with Greta waiting for me, I'll be there by Christmas.

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