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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Band of Horses at Jimmy Kimmel

This is the pic taken from my phone when I went to go see Band of Horses perform a "mini-concert" on the Jimmy Kimmel stage. More on that later, because this story is really about all the trouble I went to to get into the Band of Horses mini-concert. 

After having coffee with my classmates and going location scouting for a spec commercial in Silverlake I was dropped off at Hollywood and Highland at approximately 15min before I was scheduled to be in line. I found the line and secured a spot, talked to the girls behind me about the band and talked to a hobo about Catwoman's... kitty. Then the security guards came out to check us off and give out wristbands and.... drumroll please: I was informed that no bags would be allowed in the outdoor stage. Remember now, that I had come from school and was taking the train home. What in the world was I gonna do with my bag? 

Naturally, I tried to hide it under my sweater, but that didn't work. As soon as the security guard saw it he ordered me out of line until I had gotten rid of the offender. I told him I had no car (and no cash) and he told me to stash it at The Roosevelt Hotel that for some reason holds bags for the convinient fee of $5.  I smiled and said okay, knowing that I had about 76 cents in my bag. Voila! As always Hollywood High was setting up for a carnival, so I staked out an empty carny tent and put the bag in the corner, but that didn't seem safe to the guard and once again he suggested the Roosevelt. So I took his advice and decided to try my luck over there. Let's just say I got my bag checked and kept my 76 cents ;) I wish this kind of luck had been with me when I went to go see The Dirty Projectors. 

So finally I was in, took a look around and wanted to leave. All I saw were couples, which wouldn't have bothered me if A. Troy hadn't scolded me for not asking the cute guy from my class if he wanted to go and B. see A. Within 5 minute that had worn off as I thought about how much more annoying it would have been to have to give a damn about someone else's needs and opinions. I'd be so annoyed trying to flirt, be condescended by a guy and enjoy the music. Waste of a night in my view.

But on to the taping, which took about an hour maybe, and included the cast of Modern Family and David Hasellhoff. It was funny, but I was standing outside watching it on the projector, not in a nice audience seat. The sooner we could get to the show, the better. 

When it was time I pushed my way to the front and pulled out my cell phone which I managed to smuggle in. The band looked awesome. Super skinny, homeless looking indie musicians. I personally wouldn't have it any other way. They did Laredo first which is the big song off of their new CD Infinite Arms and I died singing along as loud as I can. They sounded spectacular, and Ben said we had a great vibe. I agreed. It was so loose and fun and intimate; definitely a night to remember. After Laredo the band did about 5 more songs including my fav' Is There A Ghost. Ben threw his shakers into the audience, told us he wanted to marry Ryan the keyboardist and we called it a night. :)
After checking out my bag from the Roosevelt I hopped on the train and made it back in time to eat pork chops and watch the whole thing on TV. Surreal.

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