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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dirty Projectors Concert Blues

The Dirty Projectors have been on my favorites list since I first heard Stillness is The Move last summer. The video kept me awake at work when I had the ol' 2:30 feeling and served as an ice breaker in class. (They had alpacas and  When I heard they were coming to LA to play the Wiltern I jumped on it. I found a ticket via Craigslist and got dressed for the show. I made it to the outside of The historic Wiltern, took a picture of the Marquee and waited for 6:30 ( the time I was supposed to meet the person with my ticket).

6:30 came and all I had to show were texts from my ticket holder saying she was stuck in traffic. 6:48 came  and my phone rang, it was my mom ....btw this is the point where you should hear the Jaws theme playing... I told her I was waiting outside, she told me we had a flat tire and I needed to come home. And KABLAMMMOOO my Dirty Projectors concert experience was over before it had ever really started. :(

To be honest I didn't know what to do at that point so I just sat. The uptight music loving asshole with his nephews sitting next to me hasn't helped. Him and his 7 year old posse just kept going on about all the bands they'd met, and about the Yoko Ono concert they were also going to, while I sat dressed for a concert I no longer could attend. But then, as if the gods knew I needed something to cheer me up, while I talked to the T Mobile salesman David Longstreth walked up, took pictures with the music ass and his nephews and left before I even grasped that it was him. (Look he wasn't leading an alpaca so I didn't recognize him... sue me) So I picked up and ran down the street after him. Caught up and got this picture. Was it a happy ending? No... Did I go home empty handed? Not completely... What did I learn? Not much... but  got a picture with Dave Longstreth of The Dirty Projectors, goodnite California.

In Case you were wndering, here's a better picture of the outfit I was wearing, all from Richochet in Joshua Tree btw with Doc's

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