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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Played Pappy again tonite

Tonight was Ted Quinns open mic down at Pappy and Harriet's, so with the aid of a ride (Brandon, Brent, Thanks) I made m way to the venue. By the time I got there however I didn't even want ot perform anymore. I was surrounded by these guys who knew how to play guitar like 50 times better than me and they were all around improvising to their various songs. 

It stands to reason that I would just join in, Ihad a guitar  with me. But heck no! Every time I even tried to find out what chord they were on the whole state of the jam had changed. WHAAAAAA!!!!! Evevntually I just gave up lol, like I felt like I needed to call on a supernatural force to give me some chops. Like I didn't know I had such awful timing and rhythm til tonite. 

But don't worry I didn't let all that stop me from playing. :) Under the psyeudonym Tomahawk (I know right) I went up to the mic at about 12am and did 2 1/2 songs that were...... drum roll please... ALL written by ME!!!

I was still lousy, but I got enough pitty claps and constructive criticism to want to figure what the hell to do next. Like I think the first step would be to reallly start practicing my chords, learn a technical songs, and start some improvising on scales. 

Right now like whether I go to New York or LA in the fall I better be ready to actually play the cool venues. As of right now.. Im very much not. But like anything else, practice makes perfect and I'll just have to put in some extra practice if I want to compete with the boys.

;) Tomahawk

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