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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Everyting is Changin' Nothings real at allc

So... NYC is dead, I am no longer attending the New School. It's just way too much money to go. Like I'd be living like a hobo in one of the most money generating cities in the world, and for what? To say I went to a four year university straight out of college? It's really not worth having to shop at places cheaper than Goodwill.


Hello LA!!!! It's like everything falls into place for a reason. Even friendships, like the one I'm building with an enigmatic chum of mine. They are very sweet but in an unapproachable way that makes them eerie. Exciting nontheless.

As far as the music is going, since my last post I put down guitar for a while.... I really was pretty bummed by the whole experience, and started exercising with my mom. The physical exertion brought my mind back into focus, while I debated whether to plunge myself into death at The New School or cut my losses and follow my first mind and go to LA. Finally my distant uncle convinced my mom and grandma that going to New York would put me in a whole and they agreed to let me go to LA. *sigh* He said the exact thing I said... but they said I was making excuses. Hey, atleast I'm going.

But back to music, I'm currently learning Boys Don't Cry by The Cure. It's really helping my speed
and timing issues and I feel like I can actually play again. Of course I don't have a working tuner or a strap that locks... but a recent trip to my homeland for a show taught me that with diligence and passion, any instrument can be mastered... even by a Courtney.


  1. "...and for what? To say I went to a four year university straight out of college?"

    Well, technically I think it would be straight out of high school... ;P

  2. haahaahahahahahhh oops, I was on a roll