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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A story I wrote about a band I like... The One Am Radio

well about the guitarist from a band I like

Scott Leahy by Courtney Niles

   TPHS alumni go on to do great things in all walks of life, 2005 graduate Scott Leahy is no different.  Leahy left home for L.A after graduation and has since become a professional musician. As of now, he is currently the guitarist for the band The One AM Radio; a Los Angeles based band currently with the Dangerbird Records label.
   Leahy got started playing guitar at age seven. “Since I was a little kid I wanted to play music” he said “My dad and older brother played and that’s where I got my start” He played in local bands and sometimes gave guitar lessons.  From there Scott immersed himself in music; however it wasn’t always an easy road as most starting musicians have to work hard to build a fan base, develop a sound and in the case of a band stay together.
   After graduation Leahy attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, a school he said he wouldn’t have gotten as far without, then returned to Twentynine Palms where he would drive miles to play with bands in places like San Jose and Los Angeles.  “When I first  joined the band I’m in now (The One AM Radio) I still lived in Twentynine Palms” He made the leap and has become a full time Los Angeles resident playing music full time.
   Today, Leahy still comes to visit TPHS and see the figures that have impacted him such as Mrs. Woods and Mr. Mayes. He recently got back from touring on the east coast, and began recording with The One AM Radio in October in Los Angeles. This will be the band’s 8th studio release and the second with Scott. He predicts a move from their indie-orchestral roots into a more indie-pop sound.
   For him the road is no challenge. He gets to play music everyday and when it gets hard he has learned to think of it as a hobby. “Sometimes it pays sometimes it doesn’t” The most important thing for him is getting to play , a ‘hobby’ that he says “is like working freelance, you take work as it comes to you and go with the flow”.
   Scott’s patience and determination are inspirational to anyone wanting to pursue a dream, whether it be music or automotive research and development. He is a Wildcat going into the world a success.

blah blah blah the ending is lame, but i had to find a way to tie it back into the school and couldn't expand enough to make nit relevant to life but yah know, it's cool, chck out their videos.

and some pics :)

check them out

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