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Sunday, January 17, 2010


I feel like I havent posted for a while, mostly because I've been brain dead and haven't had anyhting to post about. Finals... School... Thursdays... it's been dull but anyway here's a harvest of my yesterday's sitting at the computer doing absolutely nothing.

Their new album Album released in September of 2009 has won my heart. I can't stop listening to Lust for Life and am even being tempted to visit San Francisco- the band's hometown - just to catch a little of that vibe.Members Chris Owens and JR White are true artists embodying "less is more" and "Album is good", yes the last one is a saying as well, I just made it up.

Here's their Lust for Life video

I was over 1901 pretty quick and needed a pick me up. Lisztomania was it.


Im ecstatic about their new album Contra. I listened to to Oxford Comma and Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa all throughout the summer, winter, next summer, and yesterday. They've done it again, they didn't betray their old sound and brought even better goods on Contra including the lovely Cousins. And yes they did spend time in Mexico in case you were wondering.

Cousins Video

Besides these gems I found tons of stuff to keep my day going without exercise. tUnE yArDs a chick with a cool song called Sunlight. Best Coast, the girl who left California for The New School (yep Parsons, Eugene Lang, i kno) then got sick of it and started making songs about California. Lastly Local Natives song Airplanes if you needed a post Grizzly Bear fix.

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