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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sherpa Hoodie

Courtney: Can you tell me where the sherpa hoodies are?
Gap Dude: Uhh what?
Courtney:... the sherpa hoodies... Gaps mainstay holiday item... can you tell me where they are
Gap Dude: I've never heard of that... If we have any thing like that it's on the sales rack in the back...
Courtney:...k thanks man {aside} ....jackass

The Point is that when I've grown up with the Gap, and sherpa lined is like Karl Lagerfeld's ponytail... it's always there. Like the Gap guy should have been fired right on the spot. Red lights should have come down from the ceiling and he should have been forced out of town without pay...
Directly from the Gap's website, under the name SHERPA HOODIE.

But I digress, it's bad for my blood pressure lol

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